FF chief responds to Jia Yueting’s $20 million mansion before filing for bankruptcy: fake news

Today, foreign media reported that Faraday Future (Faraday Future, ff) founder Jia Yueting in August this year to buy a new $3 million mansion (about 21.1 million yuan), and the purchase time before he declared personal bankruptcy, which caused widespread concern.

In response to reports that Jia Yueting bought a $20 million mansion before filing for bankruptcy, the HEAD of FF’s public relations responded that the US media’s the verge’s alleged purchase of the $3 million mansion in August before the bankruptcy restructuring was pure rumors. Since Jia has now filed a personal bankruptcy reorganization application, any so-called transfer of assets through bulk consumption or agents will be traced back to two years ago, concealing the failure of non-reporting is fraud, so-called the verge report is a serious lack of common sense disinformation.

It is worth mentioning that foreign media reports also mention edging is now holding an L-1 visa, the premise of the visa must be the company must be in good working. That is, If THE FF goes bankrupt, or if his position at FF is not guaranteed, Jia Yueting may be forced to return to China.

According to the details released by the authorities, Jia Yueting has paid more than $3 billion in debt to the company so far, with a total debt of about $3.6 billion, less the secured debt frozen for disposal of domestic assets and convertible shares, with a net debt of about $2 billion.


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