How hard is the decision to take a hold on YouTube?

As 2019 draws to a close, YouTube network celebrity Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg has lost a lot of his gains this year. The fierce battle with Bollywood music channel T-Series has brought both sides to 20 million levels of attention. In a recent episode, however, PewDiePie announced that he would take a break from YouTube because he had taken so few breaks this year. In addition, the anchor has been embroiled in controversy this year, such as the Christchurch gunman who also shouted a slogan for PewDiePie to woo subscribers.

How hard is the decision to take a hold on YouTube?

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It’s important to note that Kjellberg is not leaving the YouTube platform, but just needs a good rest until early 2020. After all, the benefits of the platform are still hard to give up on the big channel hosts who play the heavyweight fan base.

If you work in an ordinary business, applying for a week’s rest won’t have much impact on your job. But in the meantime, old fans are sure to have a boring wait for his updated “empty window”, even wondering if the anchor is missing or running.

Kjellberg has long maintained a fairly high frequency of updates in order to maintain attention, and has hardly had a good rest over the years. This short break was also a well-thought-out decision, because he saw at a glance what he would look like in the next ten years.

Previously, people thought the host’s job was easy and it was easy to get money. But the title of “One Brother of Cyber Celebrities” is both an honor and a great pressure.

From the video during the live broadcast, many YouTubers face the huge fatigue of overtime work, making it difficult to keep the focus on the eyes and putting no less physical demands on the host than manual workers.

In 2018, Kjellberg’s videos have accumulated more than 4 billion views on the YouTube platform, the largest number of subscribers among head creators. As for how the future will be transformed, it is up to the host and the platform side to explore together.

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