ProtonMail app on iOS is now fully open source

Proton Technologies AG announced that its ProtonMail app on iOS is now fully open source and that the source code is now available on GitHub. The company gave the reason for open source applications, believing in “transparency and the power of the community, and building a more private and secure future for all.” “The open source of the application was made after a security review of the software by the security firm SEC Consulting.

Proton Technologies AG says open source can enhance the trust of its users, who can see the functionality of the application and even build their own version of the application without trusting the distributed binary.


Commenting on the application’s open source, Proton said:

“Developers are free to implement and build on the approach we document and publish products, and we believe that everyone benefits when developers work together to address privacy challenges in the real world, and we hope that the release of code will lead to safer and more powerful iOS applications.” ”

Along with the release of the source code, the company also documented an iOS security model that helps the public review some of the more difficult code found in the app.

With the source code already open, if you want to make money from protonMail Error Bounty Program, you can view the error code directly. Also, if you’re new to the Swift programming language and are trying to create applications for iOS, reviewing existing programs and seeing how they work is a good way to improve coding skills.

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