Facebook to advertise for the first time in Super Bowl, Stallone in it

U.S. social media giant Facebook will for the first time advertise its “soft side” to the Super Bowl.

Facebook to advertise for the first time in Super Bowl, such as Stallone.

The ad will be part of the company’s More Together campaign at the big event in February. The campaign was launched in May to get people to talk about the “Facebook Group.” It was Facebook’s first major brand ingress with the leadership of Antonio Lucio, Facebook’s chief marketing officer, last year.

A Facebook spokesman said Wednesday that the ad will show “how people from different backgrounds come together in their interests and experiences, all through the Facebook team.” The ad will feature Chris Rock and Sylvester Stallone.

The move comes at a time when Facebook is facing regulatory concerns about antitrust issues and pressure from consumers about its privacy violations.

The Super Bowl is usually the most watched event in the United States each year, attracting more than 98 million viewers in 2019.

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