Piaggio launches Ape E-City electric tricycle to India

Media reported that the Piaggio Ape multi-role tricycle, which first debuted 70 years ago, is revitalising the Indian market. To improve traffic on India’s streets, the company unveiled a new electric version called Ape E-City. To ensure anytime, anywhere, the car also has a replaceable battery design. It is reported that in daily life, such models play an important role in Indian cities. In addition to taxis that provide public services, they are also used by many mobile vendors and micro-enterprises.

Piaggio launches Ape E-City electric tricycle to India

(Pictured: Piaggio, via New Atlas)

However, as the problem of air pollution has become increasingly concerned, the Indian government has proposed a FAME scheme to promote cleaner two- and three-wheeled models. Selected models will receive a reduction in the tax on goods and services to encourage adoption.

Today, Piaggio launched the new Ape E-City commercial electric three-wheeled model in New Delhi. The car will be powered by Indian energy company Sun Mobility, which can be replaced with fully charged batteries in two minutes.

Piaggio launches Ape E-City electric tricycle to India

Ape E-City will be able to service at Sun Mobility’s power station. The company is expected to complete the construction of 50 sites in 10 cities in India by March 2020.

The site can handle up to 150 power change requests per day, and customers can choose an “on-demand” pay model. This “battery as a service” effectively reduces up-front acquisition costs for ape E-City compared to the internal combustion engine version.

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