Study: Drinking zero-calorie cola isn’t as good as people think

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s a good move to get rid of a lot of sugar from your diet, according tomedia. With that in mind, many carbonated drinks lovers turn to the sugar-free version of their favorite drink, hoping to enjoy their favorite taste while reducing their calorie intake.

Study: Drinking zero-calorie cola isn't as good as people think


On the face of it, replacing sugary drinks with zero-calorie drinks sounds like a win-win, but new research suggests the overall impact isn’t as exciting as people think. Researchers tracking the health records of more than 5,000 U.S. adults found that long-term consumption of “lose weight” soda was actually associated with weight gain, according to a new report published in Current Times Reports.

Professor Peter Clifton, lead author of the study, noted that consumers of artificial sweeteners did not reduce their total sugar intake. “They’re consuming both sugar and low-calorie sweeteners, which may make them feel psychologically able to enjoy what they love.” “

This idea may lead them to eat other high-calorie foods and beverages more casually after drinking sugar-free drinks, thus offsetting the benefits of a sugar-free drink.

Most importantly, some of the ingredients in zero-calorie beverages can actually affect the health of the digestive system. Artificial sweeteners can also alter gut bacteria, which can lead to weight and an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, Clifton said. “

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