OPPO Announces Three Initiatives To Build A New Eco for Smart Services with Developers and Partners

Today,   the 2019 OPPO Developer  conference Conference opened in Beijing with the theme of “Integrating the Future of Ecology and Wisdom”. During the conference, OPPO officially announced the “Gravity Plan 2.0”, “Five System Capability Open Engine” and IoT “Kicking Energy Action” three initiatives, together with developers and partners to build a new ecosystem of intelligent services.

OPPO Announces Three Initiatives To Build A New Eco for Smart Services with Developers and Partners

2019 OPPO Developer Conference Beijing, China

In the past year, OPPO has made remarkable achievements in the process of ecological construction, with colorOS more than 320 million monthly active users worldwide, and has accumulated a large number of users in terms of applications, services and content ecology. Currently, more than 120,000 developers have been installed on the OPPO open platform, and the open capability provided by OPPO is invoked more than 3 billion times a day. Just one year after its birth, Breeno Smart Assistant now covers users, including food and clothing, and more than 220 million users, with an average daily distribution of 16 million people, and a cumulative platform of more than 100 skills.

Announcing “Gravity Plan 2.0” continues to invest $1 billion worth of resources to connect developers and users

At the 2018 Developers Conference, OPPO announced the official launch of the Gravity Project, which invests 1 billion resources to support the world’s best developers. To date, The Gravitational Project has provided resources for more than 2,000 applications, bringing in as many as 9.2 billion exposures and more than 180 million downloads.

On this basis, OPPO Vice President, President of the Internet Division Duan Hui in the keynote speech, next year OPPO will launch the “Gravity Plan 2.0”, re-investing 1 billion resources, with The colorOS coverage in more than 140 countries and regions around the world, around the application, services, content, The four areas of seagoing support to partners on an ongoing and comprehensive basis.

OPPO founder and CEO Chen Mingyong recently held the OPPO Future Technology Conference stressed that for the era of integration of everything, OPPO will continue to upgrade user service thinking, to bring more and better quality content and services to users. In order to meet the user’s large number of content needs, OPPO set up a browser-based, short video, music lock screen content business system. The content system of monthly live users, has more than 260 million, each day the number of exposure of content, reached more than 15 billion times. Last year’s launch of the short video business, monthly life has exceeded 60 million, the daily per capita use of more than 50 minutes.

OPPO Announces Three Initiatives To Build A New Eco for Smart Services with Developers and Partners

OPPO Vice President, President of Internet Business Unit Duan Hui

At the conference, OPPO for the first time released a “imagination plan” specifically for content ecology, hoping to combine the characteristics of content ecological value upgrading, flow front, scene fusion, through the support of content producers and ColorOS content scene services, to promote the creation and dissemination of value content, mining the derived value of content, To obtain higher quality content to serve users, to achieve users, content producers and ecological win-win situation. The development of content business, but also inseparable from the support of industry head partners, OPPO has been and a number of influential content platforms at home and abroad to establish a stable long-term cooperation, partners are the essence of OPPO content ecology.

Officially released the “Five System Capability Open Engine” Upgrade “Two Platforms” to create a multi-scene fusion experience

On November 20th, at the ColorOS 7 launch, OPPO brought many features with open scenes for developers, such as flashback keys, Breeno, dark color mode, etc., which opened up OPPO’s system capabilities and tripartite services, giving users a convenient and efficient experience. At the same time, OPPO and WeChat actively explore open forms, in the industry’s first system album scene classification, intelligent search capabilities to open up, comprehensively enhance the user’s use of WeChat map and hair map experience.

In order to enable developers to access OPPO’s system capabilities more smoothly and quickly, and to continuously provide users with a better experience, the conference officially released the “Five System Capability Open Engines” – Hyper Boost, Boost Link, Camera, MediaUnit and ARUnit, and ARUnit, announced that they will fully open up their systems capabilities in the five areas of performance, networking, imaging, multimedia, and AR in 2020 to create a user experience with developers and partners. In addition, in order to better empower developers, OPPO upgraded the enterprise business platform and the Breeno platform, providing developers with a more direct understanding of the needs of users of the development creation, testing and deployment tools to help a wider range of developers to improve development efficiency, increase the reach of the service, while achieving user growth, Provide developers with more scene coverage.

OPPO Announces Three Initiatives To Build A New Eco for Smart Services with Developers and Partners

Wu Henggang, Vice President of OPPO and President of Software Engineering

“OPPO firmly believes that with the development of 5G, AI and other technologies, all walks of life will usher in a new round of technological innovation and revolution,” said Wu Henggang, vice president of OPPO and president of the software engineering division. With the release of the ‘Five System Capability Open Engine’ and the ‘Two Platforms’ upgrade, OPPO hopes to help developers create ideas, dig scenes and create value through openness and sharing, and jointly create a world of virtual integration and integration of everything. “

Accelerated technical service convergence with “Operation Kaieng” Officially launched HeyThings IoT service platform

With the advent of the era of integration of everything, the emerging mobile terminal form outside of smartphones will usher in new development. Liu Bo, vice president of OPPO and president of the emerging mobile terminal business unit, believes that in the era of integration of everything, connectivity is only the foundation, integration is the trend. OPPO will use IoT’s all-in-one connectivity capability to realize real-time online, massive connection and rapid response of devices through the characteristics of 5G high bandwidth, wide connection and low latency. At the same time, cloud-based converged service capabilities will promote the establishment of a service network of all things, based on voice, image, big data and other AI technologies, continue to promote the convergence of technology and services.

OPPO Announces Three Initiatives To Build A New Eco for Smart Services with Developers and Partners

Liu Bo, Vice President of OPPO and President of Emerging Mobile Terminals

At the conference, OPPO announced that it will launch an open-capability initiative for the IoT space, The Enable Action, which will officially open the HeyThings IoT protocol, The HeyThings IoT service platform, and audio connectivity protocol to IoT partners. Among other things, the newly upgraded HeyThings IoT service platform is expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2020 and developer access through the OPPO open platform, while the first phase of the Audio Connectivity Protocol will be launched in June next year. Based on this initiative, OPPO will facilitate the integration of technology and services from four levels: device connectivity, perceptual communication, data processing and analysis, and service convergence. At the same time, is also committed to promoting the flow of value between partners, through breaking borders, building trust, creating symbiosis, to create a new type of cooperative ecology.

In addition, Liu Bo announced that OPPO’s first smartwatch OPPO Watch and health platform will meet with users in the first quarter of 2020, through this strategic product for the era of integration of everything, OPPO will work with partners to create a healthy ecosystem. In the future, OPPO will focus on the four major scenes of individuals, families, travel, office, constantly focusing on the core entrance, continuous open and connected capabilities, to create a multi-terminal, cross-scene intelligent life.

“OPPO has long been more than just a mobile phone company, ” Chen said during the future technology conference. “Over the next three years, OPPO plans to invest $50 billion in research and development budgets, continue to focus on cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, AR, and big data, and will focus on building the core hardware core technology and software engineering and system capabilities underlying.” In the industry of 5G and IoT, OPPO hopes to leverage its strengths through the convergence of technical services and work with developers to do better with the high concurrency, high availability and global deployment of applications or services. In the trend of all things melting, go together to explore more users of new experiences in life, at the same time, OPPO will also uphold this sub-culture, with an open, win-win attitude, with more developers and partners to join hands to create a new ecological of intelligent services in the era of integration of everything.

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