EA says returning to Steam has nothing to do with Orange’s performance, not to exclude bringing EA Access to Epic

EA is now becoming “more open” to its game login platform, with Mike Blank, senior vice president, first denying in a recent interview that the return to the Steam platform is related to the performance of its own Origin platform, and that EA is now open to other new partners that are beneficial to players. And don’t exclude bringing EA Access to the Epic platform.

EA表示重回Steam与橘子表现无关 不排斥将EA Access带到Epic

Mike Blank said in an interview that EA’s decision to return to Steam had nothing to do with the origin platform’s performance, and that EA’s digital platform scored well to build new partners as the company looked to break down barriers between different platforms. and new initiatives to become more open on game payment methods. “We’ve been moving toward this goal for the past time, something that some people don’t understand, and we currently have more than 85 content, distribution and game development-related partners at Origin and deliver their games through Access services,” Blank said. Our subscription service has more platforms than any other publisher, as part of the strategy and opportunities to help more players clarify their game play. ”

EA表示重回Steam与橘子表现无关 不排斥将EA Access带到Epic

Blank believes the basic principle of the gaming industry is to be more open to helping players play better, “I believe this trend is not only a trend, but more of a reality, for developers and platforms like PlayStation, Xbox and Steam, like us. It’s important to be more open and create healthy game opportunities for players. I am confident that this reality will continue. For players like me, I think it’s fantastic, but there’s still a long way to go. ”

EA表示重回Steam与橘子表现无关 不排斥将EA Access带到Epic

Asked if that meant EA would also bring the EA Access service to the Epic platform, Blank responded that EA is currently open to other new partners that benefit players.

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