World’s largest 3D-printed building completed in Dubai

3D printing specialist Apis Cor has completed what it calls the world’s largest 3D printing building. The basic structure of the executive building in Dubai is constructed using only one 3D printer, but also requires the involvement of human builders. The two-story executive building is 9.5 m (31 ft) high and has a total floor area of 640 square meters (about 6,900 square feet).

Its printing process is very similar to other 3D printing projects, with the cement mixture layered out by nozzle to build the basic structure of the executive building. Because of the size of the building, Apis Cor’s portable 3D printer moves on the crane, so only one partition can be built at a time. According to Dwell, apis Cor had three workers working on the site and the entire project took three weeks. In addition to laying foundations, adding windows, doors and roofs, and wiring, construction workers added steel and hand-poured concrete to support the structure.

The company’s chief executive and founder says 3D printing technology is in its early stages, and they’ve done a lot of research and development, and the improved version will be more reliable and twice as fast. In addition, in this project, Apis Cor tested and improved the 3D mixture it developed. The project is a major advance in the concrete 3D printing industry.

Apis Cor has previously tested 3D-printed small houses and won NASA’s Space Habitat Challenge. Looking ahead, the company plans to build affordable housing projects in California, Louisiana and Florida next year. Currently, it is busy studying how to ensure that its 3D-printed homes comply with building codes.

World's largest 3D-printed building completed in Dubai

World's largest 3D-printed building completed in Dubai

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