IBM and the University of Tokyo in Japan work together to develop quantum computers

Back in September, IBM Q released a series of new tools designed to make quantum computing more accessible. The new batch of five-bit quantum computers has expanded IBM’s quantum computer fleet. Today, IBM is taking another step in the same direction. Technology giant IBM has partnered with the University of Tokyo to form the Japan-IBM Quantum partnership to advance quantum computing and use it for the benefit of science, industry and society.

In essence, the partnership will focus on three priorities, one on the development of industrial-related quantum applications, the other on the development of quantum computing systems, and the third on advancing quantum science and education. One of the most significant advances in the agreement is that IBM Q System 1 will be installed at IBM facilities in Japan. The feat would make Japan the third country to build such a facility after the United States and Germany, and the only country in the region to do so. Once completed, IBM Q System 1 will delve into quantum algorithms and develop practical applications using the power of quantum fields.

In addition to direct collaboration on research topics, IBM and the University of Tokyo will establish a new quantum systems technology center under the same protocol. The center will focus on the development and testing of hardware for quantum computers, especially for low temperature and microwave testing capabilities for the computer. In addition to all of the above, the University of Tokyo will also attach great importance to quantum programming and the development of technology by its students and researchers to help drive quantum computing.

IBM and the University of Tokyo in Japan work together to develop quantum computers

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