Sesame Credit: Two or three years do not consider profit and and baihang credit does not cooperate

As one of the shareholders, how to determine the relationship between Sesame Credit and Baihang Credit? On October 31st, Wen Lan, general manager of Ant Gold Sesame Credit and Flower Business Group, responded to this for the first time in an interview with Yan News. “Sesame Credit is not a financial institution, nor is it an individual credit agency, and there is no cooperation between The Credit Co., D.C., but there is a lot of technical communication between us. ”

芝麻信用:两三年内不考虑盈利 与百行征信没合作

Wenlan also clarified the issue of data exchange between shareholders who had previously aroused market concern and Baihang Credit.

“Sesame Credit now does not have the need to check personal credit and report credit, that will not be with the hundred line credit has data exchange.” Wen lan also said that from 2017 and 2018, Sesame Credit’s personal finance business has been phased out of the market because it has not obtained a personal credit licence.

Sesame Credit is ant gold service sesame credit is ant gold service’s independent third-party credit service, founded in January 2015, by Ant Gold 100 percent stake, and became the central bank’s first to allow the personal credit business preparation of one of the eight institutions. Sesame Credit’s “Sesame Score” relies on innovative technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and blockchain to evaluate the likelihood of individuals performing in a variety of business scenarios.

Since the central bank did not issue personal credit licenses to eight companies, it approved the country’s first market-oriented personal credit agency, Baihang Credit Co., Ltd., in 2018, with the China Internet Finance Association holding 36% and eight credit platforms, including Sesame Credit and Tencent Credit, holding 8% each.

With the withdrawal of personal financial credit business, Sesame Credit also made adjustments to the business layout.

Wenlan said that the current sesame credit business mainly covers three pieces, one is in the payment and business scene, such as the September Alipay launched the “light member” business, that is, combined with Sesame Credit and flower characteristics, so that consumers can become members without any pre-payment fees, first enjoy preferential benefits, after the expiration of the settlement of membership fees.

The second piece of business is the change in the credit relationship between people, such as in the rental scenario, Sesame credit can solve the trust relationship between the landlord and the tenant.

The third piece is the field of corporate credit.

“Sesame Credit won’t talk about profitability for two to three years. Wen lan admitted that from a clear business to no clear business, is a painful process, “but did not feel that there is no personal credit license, the business can not do.” “

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