8TB Mac Pro finally opens: optional price 19084 yuan

The Mac Pro was not originally available for 8TB, but apple quietly updated the spec when the MacBook Pro 16 came on the shelves. In addition, the disassembly shows that the Mac Pro uses Apple’s custom hard drive specifications and cannot scale on its own, and users do need a mass storage version. On December 11th the mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, both of the most powerful desktop spree, were launched on Apple’s official website, where the Mac Pro storage specifications were “only” available with 4TB SSD sDD options, and the 8TB SSD option was listed as “coming soon.”

8TB Mac Pro finally opens: optional price 19084 yuan

Now, this 8TB SSD version of Mac Pro is finally here! Apple has an 8TB option, with an estimated shipping time of 1-2 weeks, in line with other releases.

Price, the purchase of 1TB/2TB/4TB SSD price needs an additional money 2936/5872/10276 yuan, while the purchase of 8TB SSD needs to add 19084 yuan, compared to 4TB basic double.

As a result, the top Mac Pro costs 399,824RMB, just a stone’s throw from 400,000, although if you choose to pre-install final Cut Pro X (1998) or Logic Pro X (1298), the price is steady at $400,000.

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