PHP 7.4.1 Officially Released

PHP 7.4.0 went live at the end of last month, and now PHP 7.4.1 is out of the market. PHP is a widely used scripting language that is ideal for Web development and can be embedded in HTML. PHP 7.4.1 has a number of bug fixes, with the following updates:


Fixed bug #78878 (buffer overflow in bc_shift_addsub) (CVE-2019-11046)


Fixed bug #78862 (link)automatically truncated after empty bytes on Windows (CVE-2019-11044)

Fixed bug #78863 (Directory Iterator class is automatically truncated after empty bytes) (CVE-2019-11045)

Fixed bug #78943 (mail() may release refcount twice with a string of 1) (CVE-2019-11049)

Fixed bug #78810 (RW extraction does not throw an “uninitialized property” exception)

Fixed bug #78868 (calling __autoload () with incorrect EG (fake_scope) value)

Bug #78296 fixed (is_file unable to detect files)

Fixed bug #78883 (failed on Windows fgets (STDIN) )

Fix bug #78898 (call_user_func (‘parent’,…’) failure and other successes)

Fixed bug #78904 (uninitialized property trigger __get ())

Fixed bug #78926 (segment error on Symfony cache: clear)


Fixed bug #78849 (GD build-SIGNED_COMPARE_SLOW-break)

Fixed bug #78923 (difficult to handle when making images transparent)


Fixed bug #78793 (free to use in exif-resolved under memory cleaner) (CVE-2019-11050)

Fixed bug #78910 (heap buffer overflow read in exif) (CVE-2019-11047)


Fixed bug #76601 (part of the work of php-fpm cannot be reloaded)

Fixed bug #78889 (php-fpm service can’t start)

Fixed bug #78916 (php-fpm 7.4.0 does not send mail()


Implemented FR #78912 (INTL supports accounting format)


Bug #78823 fixed (ZLIB_LIBS not added to EXTRA_LIBS)


Fixed $x s (bool) $x; with opcache (undeclared variable notification should be issued)

Fixed bug #78935 (preload removes classes with dependencies)


Fixed bug #78853 (preg_match() may return an integer


Fixed bug #78895 (reflection detects abstractnon non-static classes as abstract statics). IS_IMPLICIT_ABSTRACT no longer used)


Fixed bug #77638 (var_export’s some class instance segfaults).

Fixed bug #78840 (causing $GLOBALS crash).

Fixed bug #78833 (integer overflow in package sedleads causes out-of-bound access).

Fixed bug #78814 (strip_tags allow/label name sgt; whitelist bypass).

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