Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code ‘Christmas Hat’ icon gets complaintfrom from user

According tomedia OnMSFT, Microsoft has apparently taken a step forward in an attempt to blend in with the holiday spirit, while GitHub has frustrated everyone. At some point this week, Microsoft made some minor changes to the Visual Studio Code editor, adding a little Santa hat to the Settings icon in the lower left corner of the open source IDE. On Wednesday, however, a user complained about the program through the GitHub Problem Tracker.

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code 'Christmas Hat' icon gets complaintfrom from user

Vscode insider’s Santa hat and religious worship are very offensive to me, and Christmas has killed millions of Jews for centuries. Even if this is not the case, it is totally unacceptable to use religious symbols as part of a product update. Delete it now and make it a top priority. To me, it’s almost as offensive as the Nazi character.

Microsoft later apologized for hurting users’ feelings and promised to remove the Christmas hat. This, in turn, opened the door to rebuttal through GitHub, so much so that the Microsoft/vscode problem tracker had closed the new submission because “many of the issues submitted contained content that violated Microsoft’s Code of Conduct.” “

Microsoft's Visual Studio Code 'Christmas Hat' icon gets complaintfrom from user

Interestingly, Microsoft’s other products seem to be fine promoting Santa Claus. Bing has been promoting “NORAD Santa Tracker” for years, including its own website and countdown timer.

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