Christopher Nolan’s brain-burning new film Creed releases first full-length preview

Christopher Nolan’s next epic, Tenet, will be released next year, according tomedia. Don’t expect the trailer to give you an introduction to the whole story, but after watching the trailer, it’s certain that it’s going to be another brain-burning masterpiece by Nolan. The film brings together John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki, Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine, who has worked with Nolan many times. The film seems to revolve around stopping World War III.

Christopher Nolan's brain-burning new film Creed releases first full-length preview

It’s not hard to see that you can find some shadows of “Dream Space” in the trailer. At the end of the trailer, a character played by Martin Donovan tells Washington about the role — “There’s only one word I can tell you: Creed.” It will open the right door, and it will open some wrong doors. “

Given that Creed won’t be released until July 17 next year, it’s believed that the next producer, Warner Bros., will soon release more new trailers.

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