Paris bus strike slain electric scooter company

BEIJING, Feb. 20 (Xinhua) — A local electric scooter rental company has attracted a large number of new customers as a strike against the government’s pension reform plan has paralysed The Paris metro, bus and train networks,media reported. In order not to delay work, commuters in Paris have turned to walking, cycling, driving and using electric scooters that have appeared in the city for the past two years.

Paris bus strike slain electric scooter company


“Since the beginning of this crisis, our users have increased by 500 per cent because people need to travel and we represent a real alternative to cars and public transport,” said the manager of the French office of Bird, a US-based electric scooter company. “

Before the strike begins on December 5, he said, people would normally use Bird’s scooters on the last mile between the subway station and their workplace or home, but now use scooters for the entire commute.

Lime, another Us electric scooter company, said the number of rides per day on its scooters increased by 90 per cent last week, with a 530 per cent increase in new users from December 5 to 13.

Foreign companies, including Bird and Lime, currently operate about 15,000 electric scooters in Paris.

“There’s no subway, so I either walk, i’m on a scooter or a bike, or I’m driving,” says Kanto Andrianalitiain, a 21-year-old commuter. But driving takes a long time, and with scooters we won’t be tired. “

Another commuter, Alexandre Monsarrat, said it took him 15 minutes to get to work on an electric scooter, and an hour’s drive because of the traffic jamcause of the strike.

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