Scientists create fascinating color-changing chocolate without artificial additives

Researchers at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH Zurich) and the University of Applied Scienceand Arts (FHNW) in Northwest Switzerland have found a way to make chocolates with a rainbow of luster without the use of artificial additives,media outlet Techspot reported.

Scientists create fascinating color-changing chocolate without artificial additives

It all started when a group of researchers discussed chocolate during a break. Specifically, they wanted to know if it was possible to make colorful chocolate and set out to study the topic. They stumbled upon a method that was eventually rejected, involving applying edible paint to chocolate because it was too complex and time-consuming.

Next, they found a way to imprint special structures on the chocolate surface to produce a target color effect, and after several experiments, the chocolate finally flashed a dynamic rainbow color. The process was further refined, and they were able to go from a slight flash to a radiant one. The technique is similar to a chameleon’s skin surface adjustment and dispersion to show a specific color.

The team wasted very little time monetizing the process. They are working to create a mold that will allow them to make multiple chocolates at once. In addition, they are actively in discussions with large chocolate producers and even hope to set up a branch soon. This means that people may soon be able to buy chocolates from their local grocery stores that use the technology.

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