Guo Mingxuan exposure Huawei P40 Pro lens, price: potential 10 times light change price 4000 plus

On December 20th, Guo Mingxuan, an analyst at Tianfeng International, said in a recent report that Huawei’s expected model shipments will see a surge. He predicts that shipments of Huawei phones with potential telephoto lenses will jump 310 percent to 3,700 units by 2020 (9 million by 2019). In addition, Guo also exposed the lens specifications of the Huawei P40 Pro. Mr. Guo said That Huawei is the most active manufacturer in the mobile phone brand to promote the design of the potential telephoto lens, and it is expected that the potential telephoto lens will continue to be the innovation selling point of Huawei’s optical specifications in 2020.

Huawei’s P40 Pro will feature a new designed perk (8 megapixel), Huawei’s first phone that supports 10x optical zoom. It is expected to sell for 4000-5000 yuan and shipped about 9 million units by 2020.

Guo Mingxuan exposure Huawei P40 Pro lens, price: potential 10 times light change price 4000 plus

Mr. Guo pointed out that The light refractive devices, including the Prism and Mirror, that are available exclusively, are key to the significant upgrade of the P40 Pro Optical Zoom specification.

Compared to the P30 Pro Periscope telephoto lens with only one single-design diamond mirror inside, the Design of the Inside of the P40 Pro Potential Telephoto Lens is significantly changed and more complex, by placing the newly designed diamond mirror and the newly adopted 2 mirrors to extend the refractive path of light in the periphoto telephoto lens for 10 optical zoom.

In addition, he predicts that the New Models of the Potential Telephoto Lens currently equipped with the P30 Pro in 2020 include: P40, Nova High-end Machine, Glory High-End Machine and Mate High-End Machine, which will be reduced to RMB2500-3500 on average due to the increase devaluation of models.

Mr. Guo said that optical zoom is the key to upgrading the specifications of high-end smartphones in 2020, and more high-end models are expected to use the potential telephoto lens to significantly improve the optical zoom specification.

Huawei’s P40 and P40 Pro will launch in Paris in March next year, according to previous news.

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