Swiss researchers show ultra-miniature 3D-printed “David” sculpture just 1mm in height

Michelangelo’s sculpture masterpiece “David” is a near-perfect work in Renaissance art, but one problem is that it is not very portable, according tomedia CNET. Researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland have solved this problem, but their version of “David” is too small to be seen.

What’s special about this “David” sculpture is the way it’s made. It comes from Exaddon, a Swiss 3D printing company. Exaddon specializes in making incredibly small-scale 3D-printed metals. Their “David” sculptures (including the base) are only 1mm high and are made of pure copper.

The statue demonstrates Exaddon’s ability to print complex objects. “The sculpture is printed at once, with no supportors or templates, and no burning or annealing required,” the university said in a press release Wednesday. “

Exaddon engineer Giorgio Ercolano also printed an even smaller version in 3D, with a height of only 0.1 mm, but with significantly less precision. Although it took 30 hours to print the larger “David”, the smaller version took only 20 minutes.

The “David” production team published a paper on printing technology in Micromachines this week.

Although Exaddon’s technology is aimed at the electronics industry, the diminutive “David” shows how art and science work together.

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