Ma Yun: China’s 1.4 billion people 300 million middle-income people will drive the world economy

The 4th Chu Business Conference, hosted by the Hubei Provincial Government, was held in Wuhan on December 20, 2019. The theme of the meeting is “A new era of progress, dream ing-up to a new business.” During the conference, also held the Yangtze River Economic Belt high-quality development forum, Chu business “Belt and Road” exchange and cooperation forum, investment project signing and other series of activities. President of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce, Founder of The Ma Yun Foundation for Public Welfare, and Advocate of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Jack Ma, attended and delivered a speech.

Ma Yun: China's 1.4 billion people 300 million middle-income people will drive the world economy

Mr Ma says the world of the future will change dramatically: first, the world pattern changes. A new round of globalization is taking shape, new trade patterns and trade rules, trading systems and opportunities have emerged, and the world economy will be filled with unimaginable opportunities and challenges in the next 20 years.

Second, the technological revolution. Every technological revolution, all walks of life will be changed by the digital economy, not only trade rules to change, financial rules, logistics rules will be changed, the modern financial industry is accompanied by transnationalization, trade changes, the financial industry will certainly change.

Third, China’s domestic economic structure has undergone great changes. Our country’s investment-oriented economic model must be changing to the economic model of domestic demand-oriented countries, China has gone from an export-oriented country to a consumer-oriented country, the United States has 300 million people to pry the global economy, China has 1.4 billion people, 300 million middle-income people, will be able to pry the Chinese economy, And drive the world economy. Only by harnessing the enormous consumption power of 1.4 billion people, I believe that the world can truly reflect China’s value and China’s contribution to the world.

Only by solving the problems of the future can we solve the problems of today and yesterday.

‘There may be things we have to do, but more importantly, we have to do what we need in the future, ‘ Mr. Ma said. Our scientific research to make up for the Soviet Union, make up for Russia, make up for the United States in this regard China’s blank, why do we have to make up for other people’s blank? We make up for the gap in the future, we have to solve the problems that may arise in the future.

The vast majority of good entrepreneurs are basically problem-oriented, basically solving today’s problems or yesterday’s problems, but we have to solve the problems of the future. Only by solving the problems of the future can we solve today’s problems systematically and yesterday’s problems systematically.

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