Amazon to open new headquarters for Space Internet Kuiper project

On December 20th, according tomedia reports, Amazon will set up a new headquarters and research and development site for the Kuiper project on the space internet. Amazon is entering the Internet satellite market, and the Kuiper project is a high-speed satellite Internet product being built by Amazon that will provide broadband Internet access worldwide by deploying thousands of low-Earth orbit satellites. Especially in those areas where Internet services are poorly covered, or where there is no Internet access at all, consumers will have access to Internet access.

Amazon to open new headquarters for Space Internet Kuiper project

But it will take years for the big, bold project to bear fruit, and Amazon could face stiff competition from SpaceX, OneWeb and other high-profile vendors.

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite fleet will offer similar services, first in North America and finally around the world. OneWeb’s low-orbit satellite Internet Constellation program, the first phase of which will be the completion of the deployment of 648 satellites by 2021, will eventually achieve global coverage of more than 1,980 satellites, resulting in high-speed, low-latency network connectivity. OneWeb hopes to begin deploying constellations in January.

Google is also looking to offer similar connectivity services to hard-to-reach areas through its hot air balloon project Loon. The so-called Loon project provides fast and stable WiFi connectivity to people in designated areas by using an aerial network base station similar to a hot air balloon.

Amazon’s plan includes launching thousands of satellites into low-Earth orbit, a mission that could take years to complete. The use of multiple small satellites instead of large, single or small geostationary satellites (the main route that used to provide satellite Internet services) means better services, wider coverage and ultimately lower costs.

So far, Kuiper has no timetable for deployment and formal service to consumers, but Amazon is clearly investing in the project. The project’s new headquarters, also known as the exclusive site, will be located in Redmond, Washington, close to Amazon’s seattle headquarters.

Reported that the kuiper project’s new headquarters will cover an area of 20,000 square meters, with two separate buildings, will have research and development laboratory, office space, and even for the production of satellite hardware prototype space. Amazon expects members of the Kuiper project team to begin entering the new site sometime next year.

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