Daimler to launch 50 electric school buses in Virginia, U.S.

Daimler’s Thomas Built Buses has reached an agreement to provide 50 electric school buses to Virginia in order to make school buses more environmentally green across the country. As the world’s largest school bus electrification project to date, it will replace traditional diesel-powered school buses from 2020. Previously, the Tomax car had been shown for the first time in 2017 with the Jouley electric school bus. It is equipped with a 160kWh battery pack and can travel up to 160 km (100 miles) per flight.

Daimler to launch 50 electric school buses in Virginia, U.S.

(Pictured: Thomas Built Buses, via New Atlas)

Thanks to Proterra’s battery technology, Thomas Bus has upgraded a new batch of school buses to 200 kWh with a range of approximately 215 km (134 miles).

The all-electric Saf-T-Liner C2 is known to be capable of charging in about 3 hours using Proterra’s 60 kW DC fast charging scheme, even returning the remaining power back to the grid.

As part of an initiative by Dominion Energy, the power company, it aims to introduce an electric version of the school bus to Virginia to replace the traditional diesel version.

The plan has selected Thomas buses to build the first 50 electric school buses, and they plan to produce 200 a year over the next five years when production is put into production next year.

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