Ma Yun on the restoration of pig farming: can not be coaxed up back to yesterday

On December 20th, at the 4th Chu Business Conference, Ma Yun said in a speech that the development of advanced manufacturing industry should be accompanied by the elimination of backward manufacturing, and the real development of modern service industries should be vigorously developed. Because manufacturing has solved employment problems in the past, the future depends on the service sector to solve employment. He took pig farming as an example, said that can not because of today’s pig problems on the vigorous recovery of pig, and then back to yesterday, and pollution, a cacophony of the situation must be controlled.

Ma Yun on the restoration of pig farming: can not be coaxed up back to yesterday

Ma also said that the real economy is the modern manufacturing and modern services, we can not put the real economy and virtual economy against each other, we can not put the manufacturing and financial industry against each other, can not put the online and offline opposition.

He stressed that there would be no pure manufacturing, not even a pure service sector. “I’ve been talking about whether the bottom of the sea is manufacturing or service?” Undersea fishing is a strong manufacturing industry, just the moment the food is served is the service industry; We are manufacturing, manufacturing data, processing data. ”

On the 19th, the 4th Chu Business Conference of 2019 was held as scheduled at the East Lake International Conference Center in Wuhan. In 2011, the Hubei Provincial Committee and the provincial government decided to officially name Hubei businessmen as Chu Shang, holding a meeting of Chu Business every two years.

Compared with the previous three sessions, the conference has significantly upgraded in size, specifications and height. It is reported that the guests to attend the conference include The President of the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Ma Yun, Chu Chamber of Commerce President Chen Dongsheng, Vice Chairman of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Lei Jun, President of the Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the New Hope Group Liu Yonghao, Chairman of Gree Electric Co., Ltd. Dong Mingzhu.

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