Robin Li: Baidu’s unmanned cars will be deployed at the 2022 Winter Olympics venue

On December 20th, baidu founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li said in a speech at the second Chongli Forum that the past decade has been the era of the “Internet economy” and that the “smart economy” will become the label of China’s economy in the next decade. Speaking of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the venue will deploy unmanned vehicles that have been transformed by Baidu’s driverless technology. Li believes that with the development of intelligent economy, people will gradually reduce their dependence on mobile phones in the future, replaced by the ubiquitous smart screen, smart speakers and other new forms of terminals.

Robin Li: Baidu's unmanned cars will be deployed at the 2022 Winter Olympics venue

Artificial intelligence will also drive industry intelligence and change the way it produces. Such as through the robot process automation, intelligent customer service and digital human employees, in improving efficiency, but also from the repetitive affairs of enterprise employees.

Mr Li also pointed out that infrastructure in almost every area of the future, including education, health care and transportation, will change dramatically. He pointed out that even if the vehicle has not yet achieved intelligence, networking, through traffic lights, road-side equipment and other traffic infrastructure transformation, can greatly improve the efficiency of traffic, reduce traffic accidents.

He said that the 2022 Winter Olympics Baidu is also actively involved, the Winter Olympics venue will have no-man’s car, by Baidu’s driverless technology to transform a car company’s car to operate. At the same time, in 2022, there are traffic facilities such as Jingli Expressway will have the corresponding side equipment, responsible for communication with the road cars, so that can improve the efficiency of traffic, reduce the probability of traffic accidents.

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