Apple to expand iPhone production in India

Apple inc al-Stodin will expand production of the iPhone in India, according to Nikkei news agency. Previously, almost all of Apple’s iPhones were assembled in China, with the exception of some of the older models made in India. Apple’s production plans, announced by India’s information technology minister, Prasad, show that india has been under the responsibility of the old models “6S” and “SE” assembly by the foundry.”

As a proxy, Hon Hai has now been added to production in Chennai, southern India. A new version of the cheapie iPhone, which will go on sale as early as spring 2020, could also be made in India.

Apple’s share of the Indian mobile phone market is 1.1% (July-September 2019), according to the data. But the iPhone accounts for about 30 percent of the market for high-priced models with 30,000 lu (about 2,880 yuan). “IPhones made in India will be sold in India and are also planned for export,” explained Prasad, India’s information technology minister.

Apple to expand iPhone production in India

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