Xbox Series X has better GPU performance than any AMD graphics card in 2019

Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox Series X, is completely different from any previous console, and it’s likely that the new console’s more clunky design is due to increased power consumption rather than the changes caused by the size of the actual accessory. Because of the new console’s POWERFUL GPU performance, it’s only natural that power consumption increases, and according to digital analytics firm Digital Foundry, the Xbox Series X will have better GPU performance and more features than any of the graphics cards released by AMD this year.

Xbox Series X has better GPU performance than any AMD graphics card in 2019

Digital Foundry says Microsoft’s new Xbox Series X may have a higher GPU frequency than the AMD Navi-based GPU we’re seeing now. For example, two key aspects of the new host are exceeding the reasonable limits of the host design we currently know, and one is that the GPU’s floating-point performance reaches 12T, which will be a major achievement of the new 7nm manufacturing process. Second, the frequency of the GPU, the new host GPU frequency is significantly higher than the frequency of AMD Navi-based GPU, compared to the equivalent PC accessories, the host GPU frequency is often lower. But the increase in the Xbox Series X frequency inevitably causes power consumption to far exceed the level skilled it can be achieved with a home appliance.

Currently, digital Foundry has tested the power consumption of the first generation of PS3 in the game at 209W, which is already at the top of the host power consumption list. Under the existing Navi architecture GPU, from the lower-performing RX 5700 series to the next-generation console Xbox Series X, perhaps the new console will consume more than 300W.

Xbox Series X has better GPU performance than any AMD graphics card in 2019

Judging by what has been known so far, Microsoft seems to be doing everything it can to actually release the most powerful home game console ever, with a better GPU performance than we’ve seen so far.

In the design of next-generation hosts, CPU performance will not be compromised, and Microsoft says it is using a customized version of the high-spec PC side. At the same time, the PS5’s GPU performance is still unknown, but if the Xbox Series X is as good as Microsoft has announced, the GPU performance of the new console is better and more powerful than any navi graphics card in AMD 2019.

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