The Road to Autopilot – Honda proposes “enhanced driving concept”: next month’s CES show

According tomedia reports, for different groups, their transition to self-driving will show a different attitude. Young people who have never learned to drive may be very welcoming to self-driving cars, for example, and older drivers may never be willing to give up control of their cars. But if someone in between may be looking to see both happening at the same time – the car is self-driving and can “control” the car itself.

That’s the idea behind Honda’s Augmented Driving Concept, which will be on display at CES next month. It’s an open-top sports car with space-driven wheels, electric drive and a short, short sun visor as a windshield.

It is understood that the car has super-eight modes before fully autonomous and semi-autonomous driving, meaning that whatever the driver does with the steering wheel will decide what to do next. If you want to turn on group self-driving you can find a switch on it, but the car won’t wait for the driver to give instructions if it feels like it can drive on its own. It will look at the driver in case he falls asleep or start taking pictures out of the window or two hands to touch his nose, and once the driver is injured it takes over the steering wheel without thinking.

Touch-sensing steering wheel

It may not be good to say whether Honda’s enhanced driving concept can really create a driving emotion and thrill, but the company does present a possible vision for the future here.

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