Sony’s Xperia new phone is on GeekBench website with SnapDragon 765 processor

According to the data, Sony in 2019 to launch the Xperia phone, the phone model starts with “J”, recently, a model model “K” model of the new Sony Xperia machine debuted on the GeekBench run-off site, this model K8220 Sony Xperia will be unveiled in 2020, Equipped with Qualcomm SnapDragon 765 processor, equipped with 8GB of transport, single-core running is divided into 465, multi-core run is divided into 1757, running Android 10 system.

From the positioning of the Qualcomm SnapDragon 765 processor, the model K8220 Sony Xperia new model is estimated to be a mid-range model, combined with Sony Xperia 1, Sony Xperia 5 and other flagship models still use 6GB of memory, and there are many flagship phones such as Samsung, OPPO, iQOO and other flagship models equipped with 12GB of storage, 8GB shipped there are some mobile phone manufacturers introduced models to become standard.

Sony's Xperia new machine is on GeekBench website with SnapDragon 765 processor

Based on the model K8220 Sony Xperia new machine in GeekBench running and configuration, coupled with a number of mobile phone manufacturers on the market to launch its flagship mobile phone configuration 8GB storage, which can be launched Sony will be launched in 2020 high-end flagship is expected to carry 8GB of operation, equipped with support sA, The NSA’s flagship dual-mode 5G processor is something to look forward to.

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