Chess cards such as “Glee’ will land tesla in the first quarter of next year.

Tesla is known to be a technology maker that makes big-screen consoles that can run. Tesla, which has previously added features such as Teacup Adventure sitted with Netflix and YouTube, announced on Twitter today (December 20) that it is working with Tesla on cross-border. “Glee Landlord” “Glee Mahjong” “Happy Upgrade” will land on Tesla, is expected to launch in the first quarter of next year.

At the TCG Tencent Digital Creative Festival Hainan Station, players will be able to experience Tesla, which has three games. This is the first time Tesla has supported online online games, users can log in via QQ or WeChat, the car version and the mobile app version is fully synchronized. Some netizens said that “after charging can be teamed up to fight the landlord.” “In addition to playing games, Tesla will be able to send a pop screen while watching The B-station video, and these updates will be pushed to Chinese users in the first quarter of 2020.”

As can be seen, Tesla is strengthening its auto localization capabilities to enhance the consumer experience.

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