Synaptics sells display integrated touch chip business to Hua Capital

Global display touch giant Synaptics Technology recently announced that its TDDI display integrated touch chip business sold to Hua Capital for $120 million.  Synaptics was founded in 1986, mainly engaged in human-machine interface interaction, specifically, a variety of sensors, touch chips and fingerprints, iris recognition chips and so on, many notebook trackpads, smartphone fingerprint chips and panel touch chips are provided by Synaptics .

Synaptics sells display integrated touch chip business to Qingxin Huatron

This sale is Synaptics LCD TDDI business, that is, touch chip and display chip integration business, was first invented by Synaptics , but the current market competition in this field, especially the domestic Ofilm, Sunny Optical also entered this market, resulting in a sharp decline in prices, Synaptics Technology has long wanted to get rid of this part of the business.

This acquisition of their business is Hua Capital, originally smic and Tsinghua Holdings’ management company Qingguan Jinxin Capital Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. specifically for the Beijing integrated circuit industry design and sealing sub-fund and jointly launched an investment management company, is qing-controlled Jinxin Capital Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. sub-agency.

Hua Capital has been active in recent years in the semiconductor investment and acquisition activities, after their biggest move was the acquisition of the United States OmniVision Semiconductor, and then sold to Will Semiconductor , this time for 120 million to buy Xinsi TDI touch chip business, should still be sold to domestic semiconductor companies in the future.

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