Tesla to upgrade system for Chinese car owners next year Mahjong, landlords can do

Tesla said today that it will provide more video and game content to Chinese customers next year, meaning it will offer connected games on its vehicles for the first time. Tesla today unveiled a new entertainment feature for its vehicles with an OTA air upgrade, adding three games, “Happy Landlords,” “Happy Mahjong, ” and video platforms such as Youku and B Station. It is understood that the upgrade is expected to be officially pushed to Chinese car owners in the first quarter of next year.

Tesla to upgrade system for Chinese car owners next year Mahjong, landlords can do

Tesla says the games must be parked in the vehicle before they can begin. Typically, car owners use entertainment products when charging their cars, or indulge in them on their way home from work.

It is reported that users can log in through WeChat or QQ account, with others online games, and the car version and mobile app version such as mobile phones are synchronized, users can continue to play on the phone after the end of the game in the car.

In addition to games, users can watch movies and videos through the Tesla Theater. To meet the needs of more Chinese consumers, this update to Tesla introduced Youku and Beep Mile online streaming.

In addition, to give owners more room to use cars, this update will include new features such as air quality display and weather forecasting.

Tesla has long been widely regarded as a leader in in-car infotainment. Tesla currently offers a range of games in the U.S. market, but these games don’t have a networking feature.

The report said that the satisfaction of Chinese customers is Tesla’s top priority. This year, Tesla invested $2 billion in a factory in China, the world’s largest car market, and set itself a target of producing 1,000 cars a week by the end of 2019.

Unlike the U.S., Tesla also hosts racing events and showroom parties in China. According to Tesla, the company has begun shipping Chinese-made cars out of its Shanghai plant. Tesla sold about 387,000 vehicles in China in the year to the end of November, according to LMC Automotive, a consulting firm.

Earlier today, it was also reported that Tesla’s registration in China rose to a five-month high of 5,597 in November, up from 393 in the same month last year.

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