Pass 2020 iPhone supports sensor displacement stabilization

Apple plans to add more advanced image stabilization components to the 2020 iPhone, according to digiTimes. The current iPhone supports optical stabilization, while next year’s iPhone may support sensor displacement stabilization. Optical stabilization refers to the optical component settings, such as lens settings, to avoid or reduce the phenomenon of instrument jitter in the process of capturing optical signals, thereby improving the quality of imaging.

Sensor displacement stabilization is the displacement of the relevant components to compensate for hand shock, in order to achieve the purpose of stabilization.

Pass 2020 iPhone supports sensor displacement stabilization

Optical stabilization and sensor displacement stabilization are not significantly different, but it is worth considering the internal space and cost of the iPhone. On the iPhone 11 Pro, both telephoto and wide-angle lenses support optical stabilization, but ultra-wide-angle lenses do not.

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