18 years old Windows XP Plus! booster pack still can be activated

Windows 7 is a month away, and Windows XP, which was born in 2001 and ended in 2014, still has a lot of fans who are still stuck for a variety of reasons. Although Microsoft has long since turned a long time away from Windows XP, it is touching that Microsoft still supports the activation of the Windows XP Microsoft Plus! enhanced package.

Perhaps many people have not even known Microsoft Plus! , it is Microsoft’s official system enhancement package, additional themes, screensavers, tools, multimedia, games and other content, first in 1994 with the birth of Windows 95, and later served Windows 98, Windows XP, but by the time of Windows Vista it was over.

18 years old Windows XP Plus! booster pack still can be activated

The Windows XP Microsoft Plus! Plus Pack, released in October 2001 with the system, is known as its ultimate companion and is rich in content, including four themes, seven screensavers, Windows Media Player voice control/3D visualizations/four sets of skins, personality DJs, MP3 converters, CD label makers, speaker enhancements and blowl, Square, Labyrinth.

In theory, Microsoft Plus! should have gone with Windows XP, but in fact, it can not still continue to work, or even activate, just provide the installation key over the phone, the whole process of automation, very convenient.

It’s not known why Microsoft retains activation support for the Windows XP Microsoft Plus! booster package, but it’s a fair conscience anyway.

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