Siemens contractor admits implanting logic bomb to ensure jobs

David A. Tinley, a 62-year-old former Siemens contractor, was sentenced to six months in prison and a $7,000 fine for a plot to plant a logic bomb. He pleaded guilty in July this year. Tinley, who has worked for Siemens’ office in Monroeville for nearly 10 years, was asked to create spreadsheets for the company to manage orders, including custom scripts that can be used to update files based on current orders stored in other texts, allowing the company to automate inventory and order management.

His spreadsheet worked for years until 2014 when problems began. The logical bomb he planted caused the spreadsheet to crash after a certain date. Each time a crash, Siemens contacts him to fix it, and he charges for the repair.

His plot was exposed because he was not in town when a spreadsheet crashed and had to hand over the spreadsheet’s management password to the company’s IT staff for an emergency repair. Siemens IT employees found the logic bomb.

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