BYD’s HAN photos reveal 100 km acceleration faster than Ferrari

Han is a new mid-size sedan owned by BYD, which was released as early as 2015. The new car is positioned in the B-class sedan, and it is equipped with 2.0T hybrid power mode, which is very powerful. In addition, the configuration aspect is also a performance of the higher level, a time to attract a lot of people’s attention.

Recently, the media exposed a new set of BYD Han road test spy photos. The new car is covered with a tight-fitting road-test zebra coating, but part of its design can still be seen in the styling details. The front face still uses BYD’s family-style design language, DragonFace. The front face shape of the intake grille retains the classic design elements of the fuel car.

From the side of the body, the overall body of the new car is very slender, in line with the model positioning of the model of the car. The side uses a disconnected waistline design, adding a lot of sports properties to the vehicle. The tail is styled in a small slip-back style, and the new car has a distinctive sporty style. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new cars are 4950/1890/1490mm, and the wheelbase is 2940mm. Body size than the domestic best-selling B-class car Accord, Passat and other models are even bigger than a position.

比亚迪汉谍照曝光 百公里加速比法拉利还快

The configuration above, according to the known information, the new car will be equipped with ACC adaptive battery, HUD, lane keeping, parallel assist, luggage induction open, electric spoiler and other technical and practical configurations. This level of configuration will also be in an absolute lead over the domestic equivalent models.

Power, the new car is absolutely at the level of lifting a large number of models of the same class. It is reported that the new car will be equipped with a 2.0T-DCT-110Kw electric hybrid assembly. In addition, there are four-wheel drive versions, and the rear axle is equipped with an additional 350Kw drive motor. It’s worth noting that the four-wheel drive version has a 100-kilometer acceleration time of just 2.9 seconds, faster than the Ferrari 458.

As a B-class car, but has a faster than the super-run 100 km acceleration time, it has to be said that BYD in the production of performance cars is still a bit of a level. Such a configuration level and dynamic performance, has been able to compete with the German three strong BBA, hope that the mass production version of the price can not let consumers die.

比亚迪汉谍照曝光 百公里加速比法拉利还快

比亚迪汉谍照曝光 百公里加速比法拉利还快

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