Analyst: AirPods sales reach $6 billion this year next year or more

Toni Sacconaghi, of Bernstein, said sales of AirPods had almost doubled this year to $6bn and should take a new leap next year. Apple could sell 85 million AirPods by 2020, generating about $15 billion in revenue, the analyst said in a report Friday. Mr Sazaknagi said that if Sales of AirPods were to grow at the same rate again in 2021, the product would become Apple’s third-largest business.

Analyst: AirPods sales reach $6 billion this year next year or more

AirPods Pro has sold out in Apple stores and at many online retailers. The AirPods Pro costs $249 on Apple’s website, compared with $159 for regular AirPods.

However, Mr Sazaknagi said the AirPod’s rapid momentum could be short-lived, comparing the product’s trajectory to the growth of the iPad four years after it went on sale. As more iPhone users buy AirPods, fewer potential customers are, Mr. Sazaknagi said.

“Given AirPods’ very steep user growth curve and the rapid saturation of the iPhone installation base, we expect AirPods revenue growth to slow sharply by 2021 or 2021, with growth rates likely to fall to single digits or even lower,” Sakrinagi wrote. ”

Apple’s share price is up more than 77 percent in 2019, and the company’s market value is $1.2 trillion.

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