Ericsson will work with Microsoft to develop a connected car platform

Over the past few years, Microsoft has been working with companies such as Toyota, Renault-Nissan, Volkswagen and Ola in India to expand the usefulness of Internet car platforms,media OnMSFT reported. Microsoft will continue to work with automotive partners to shape the future of connected automotive technology. And now the company is adding communications giant Ericsson to its growing list of cloud-as-a-service providers taking advantage of Azure.

Ericsson will work with Microsoft to develop a connected car platform

Ericsson this week provided a press release about the company’s new partnership with Microsoft and its Azure Cloud.

“Ericsson’s partnership with Microsoft will provide a large-scale Internet automotive platform for the market. Our integrated solutions will help automakers accelerate their global networked car solutions and provide a better experience for drivers and passengers. “Ericsson’s Senior Vice President and Head of Technology and New Business in the Business Area, “Sa Tamsons.

The new partnership means Ericsson will build its own Connected Vehicle Cloud on top of Microsoft’s Connected Vehicle platform, which is based entirely on Microsoft Azure Cloud.

In fact, Ericsson currently has 10 percent of the Internet automotive cloud platform market, and its current work can focus on scalability, while its partners iterate for more personalized automotive experiences and greater flexibility in modular designs. It also integrates better wireless technologies to provide drivers with updates with Azure technology.

Ericsson’s Internet Automotive Cloud platform mitigates the complexity of global round-the-clock operations and lifecycle management related to Internet vehicles through guaranteed service level agreements.

Microsoft and Ericsson plan to co-host the event at CES 2020 next year. Presumably, they will outline more details about the potential features and services the two companies are working on to reach a partnership, as well as goals for the coming months and years.

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