Motorola delays launch of folding machine Razr, says demand exceeds expectations

Motorola has delayed the launch of its collapsible Razr smartphone in North America, saying demand for the $1,500 phone has exceeded its supply expectations,media reported. The phone, which was released in November, was supposed to start pre-ordering in December and shipping to customers in January. “Motorola has decided to adjust Razr’s pre-sale and time-to-market to better meet consumer demand,” Lenovo said in a statement Friday.

Motorola delays launch of folding machine Razr, says demand exceeds expectations

(Photo via ArsTechnica)

“We are working to determine the appropriate number and timetable to ensure that more consumers have access to Razr when it is launched.”

The company declined to say when the phone would go on sale, but said it would not be “too much changed” from the original planned launch time. In an interview with Bloomberg News earlier this year, Sergio Buniac, Motorola’s president, said he hoped demand for the phone would be “a little bit more” than its supply.

Motorola did not blame technical problems for the delay. Other companies, such as Samsung Electronics, have struggled to roll out collapsible devices on time because of faulty screens. “We feel like we’ve really developed a powerful phone,” said Ruben Castano, motorola’s head of design, when it announced the phone. “

The collapsible Razr phone looks similar to the original model of the early 21st century, but runs Google’s Android operating system and has the inside and outside features of the touch screen. Motorola also said the phone would be available in Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia, but offered no further information on the release in those regions on Friday.

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