Apple continues to offer screen coating repair for MacBook Pro except for 2013-2014 models

This week, Apple sent an internal memo to authorized service providers about the on-screen coating maintenance service available to affected MacBook Pro users within four years of the purchase. If your MacBook Pro unfortunately has an anti-reflective coating problem, you will receive official free repairs. It is important to note that the 2013 – 2014 models previously listed are now excluded.

Apple continues to offer screen coating repair for MacBook Pro except for 2013-2014 models

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Here’s a list of models that still meet Apple’s repair plan:

13-inch MacBook Pro model in early 2015;

15-inch MacBook Pro models in 2015;

2016 13-inch MacBook Pro model;

2016 15-inch MacBook Pro model;

2017 13-inch MacBook Pro model;

2017 15-inch MacBook Pro model;

12-inch MacBook model in early 2015;

12-inch MacBook model in early 2016;

12-inch MacBook model in early 2017.

Interestingly, Apple has yet to add the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models to the list for release in 2018 or later.

The company added in the memo that the 2014 and earlier MacBook Pro models have been disqualified from the repair program.

Most of these machines should have exceeded their original four-year warranty. But in non-direct channels, there may still be some merchants selling later.

Apple launched the repair program in October 2015 after some MacBook and MacBook Pro users reported unusualwear or layering of the anti-reflective coating on their Retina display.

Over the years, the issue has led many online users to sign petitions and have faced numerous complaints on Facebook, the official support community, Reddit and other forums. However, the company has never publicly promoted the matter on its official website, opting instead to keep a low profile.

Finally, Apple writes in its in-house-oriented service guide that customers who have paid for repairs after a warrant are still eligible for a refund. Friends who need it can try to contact Apple Support.

If you want to book a repair, go to the Apple Store or search the official website for an authorized service provider, Mac Notebook, Hardware Issues , Display Issues, so that customer service can schedule a 3-5-day repair period for you.

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