Microsoft’s bid to buy Polish game developer has been talked about

Over the past few years, Poland has become a game-exporting country, with a number of well-known game developers such as CDPR (The Witcher), Techland (Death Island), CI Games (Sniper: Ghostbusters), People Can Fly (Bullet Storm), Flying Wild Hog (“Shadow Warrior”), The Farm 51 (World War III, Chernobyl), The Astronauts (The Disappearance of Esenkat), and more. It appears that this has caught Microsoft’s attention and is seeking to acquire one or two Polish game developers.

Microsoft's bid to buy Polish game developer has been talked about

The rumor comes from Boris Niespielak’s podcast program. Borys Niespielak is a film director who has covered the Polish gaming industry in his documentary We Are Alright.

“It’s a confirmed matter, but the details are not clear. Microsoft is buying a studio in Poland. I don’t know if they’ve bought a studio. It has been determined that they must be in Poland. I’m pretty sure they’ve talked to a studio. It is not known which one they were in contact with or whether an agreement was reached with any of them. I can’t say too much about who they’ve been in contact with, but that’s the truth. “

So here’s the question, which one do you think Microsoft will be in? But CDPR is probably not in that range. Media pointed out that CDPR’s parent company CDP is close to $7 billion, so it may not be within Microsoft’s consideration.

Given Microsoft’s fondness for small private studios in recent years,media believe CI Games, 11-Bit Studios (“This Is My War,” “Frozen Punk”) and Bloober Team (“The Layer of Fear,” “The Observer,” “The Blair Witch”) are more likely to be pocketed by Microsoft.

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