Modern Trailer for Personal Air Vehicles: Next Month’s CES Show

Hyundai plans to launch a flying car at CES in 2020, which not only bodes well for modern air taxi transport, but will also show how passengers will shuttle between ground and sky,media reported. The South Korean carmaker said the Hyundai Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) would be just a concept, but noted that it would be beneficial in improving commute times.

Modern Trailer for Personal Air Vehicles: Next Month's CES Show

The PAV concept car itself looks more like a traditional aircraft than a car. The aircraft consists mainly of a cabin and a pair of wings, each with two propellers. It will work with a dedicated vehicle (PBV), which is similar to a small container with wheels.

Hyundai says it envisions autonomous driving such a travel tool so passengers don’t have to know how to drive it. At the same time, the design of the PBV will be customized. Unfortunately, Hyundai has not given further details, but it is safe to assume that it will be able to offer parcel delivery services in addition to passenger traffic.

Connecting the two is an area called the Hyundai Hub, which is actually a multi-PBV docking station and PAV tarmac. In modern concepts, it will look like a futuristic design-style flower, with about 10 compartments, where PBVs can slide in, and a central waiting area atrium. In theory, passengers could arrive at the hub from their homes or offices in self-driving cars and board the plane.

Modern Trailer for Personal Air Vehicles: Next Month's CES Show

Hyundai says the centre could also be a venue for “community activities” that allow them to integrate into city life, rather than having clams dry as the airport is now. “The use of airspace promises to ease road congestion and provide quality time for city commuters,” the carmaker said. “

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