From sky to land: DJI patent reveals video remote control car ideas

Another reason for DJI’s best-known product, of course, is a drone, but another reason the company’s future popularity may be a remote-controlled camera car,media reported. Similar to drones, this land-based vehicle will allow operators to remotely control a small car equipped with a stability camera, making it possible to take dynamic photos from the ground.

From sky to land: DJI patent reveals video remote control car ideas

Camera drones are commonly used for two purposes: surveillance and creation. These aerial vehicles are ideal for assessing damage from a distance, measuring plots, monitoring landscape changes, finding illegal settlements on large tracts of property, and so on. It is also very useful in content creation, capturing unique motion lenses and aerial footage. However, there is a flaw in drones that requires a wide range of regulations and restrictions. These rules make drones difficult to use in many places, and it is considered a hassle from a privacy perspective.

At this time, this land-based transportation may be a good choice. A remote-controlled car equipped with a camera can travel on a piece of land, including an area where drones are not allowed. In addition, these vehicles will ease privacy issues caused by drones and make it possible to record multiple types of footage that are difficult for drones to do.

It is reported that two new patents recently released in China detail the description of such a camera car, you can see that it uses extremely strong 360-degree wheels and can be extended to the camera. The vehicle is operated remotely and is equipped with a stabilization system to keep the camera stable by collaborating with other systems. Unfortunately, the patent documents provide little detail other than the images, but its existence suggests that there may be plans for the introduction of such a land vehicle in the future.

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