Google’s New “Achievements” feature: currently limited to web versions

According tomedia reports, Google has promised to bring more unique features to its cloud gaming service platform, Stadia, but as the release date approaches, people are beginning to learn that many of these features are not available on the first day of release. It will roll out features gradually, and some of the features the company has added so far, such as Stream Connect, which arrived this week with the release of Ghost Action: Breakpoint.

The company announced that it will also launch another feature that many players like: Achievements. As the company clarified before the game was released, if a player has been playing in Stadia, it can already unlock achievements that were not visible at the time, but now they can.

However, it may not be as simple as people think. For now, the full list of achievements will only be displayed on the web, and Google does not currently have any news to share about the availability of mobile apps. The good news is that players will be notified of what they’ve achieved and will be available on PCs and Chromecast Ultra.

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