Nawa Racer Electric Moto: Supercapacitor Technology Significantly Increases Range

Nawa Technologies, a sustainable energy start-up, has launched a hybrid lithium-ion battery that will recover braking energy by using “supercapacitors,”media reported. Although the company currently only has the technology for a prototype electric motorcycle, it says it could be used in any electric car.

Nawa Racer Electric Moto: Supercapacitor Technology Significantly Increases Range

On Friday, local time, Nawa Technologies unveiled a racing-inspired electric motorcycle called the Nawa Racer, which has significantly better mileage than other electric motorcycles. The prototype looks very cool and futuristic. The Nawa Racer is a pretty good performance for an electric motorcycle. According to reports, the car 100 km acceleration time of no more than 3 seconds, even if its maximum speed is about 160km/h.

What really sets the motorcycle apart is a hybrid lithium-ion battery developed by Nawa that uses super-capacitor technology. The company says it’s the first electric motorcycle to use supercapacitors in its design.

Nawa Racer Electric Moto: Supercapacitor Technology Significantly Increases Range

According to reports, Nawa Racer’s range on the city’s roads is about 300 kilometers, nearly 65 percent higher than other electric motorcycles of the same size. Supercapacitor technology allows it to capture and reuse 80% of the braking energy, providing 10 times and 5 times the amount of energy and power that existing supercapacitors can provide.

Of course, because it uses only energy when braking, these increases are only valid when parking and traffic jams. If it’s on a highway, it’s able to reach a range similar to other electric motorcycles.

Unfortunately, the company has no plans to sell The Racer. As an energy storage and transportation company, it is clear that it is not suitable for the production of motorcycles. Instead, they have built a prototype to demonstrate the capacity of the capacity. It will be on display at CES next month.

Because the hybrid battery system can be extended, nawa says, it could be applied to any electric car. The company plans to begin commercializing the technology on a large scale sometime in 2020 for use in motorcycles, cars and other electric vehicles.

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