Nvidia announces PhysX 5.0 open source suite for FEM-enabled

A few days ago, we were talking about “Red Squad” AMD’s FEMFX. As a new open source middleware, it aims to enhance gamifiability with deformable physical properties. Interestingly, it’s time for “Green Squad” Nvidia to announce PhysX 5.0. It will be available in 2020 and supports physical simulation of the Finite Element Model (FEM). Like the FEMFX library, this technology simulates the interaction between a soft or non-rigid model and a rigid model.

Nvidia announces PhysX 5.0 open source suite for FEM-enabled

(Instagram via TechReport)

For ease of understanding, Nvidia has also released a video introducing new features of PhysX 5.0. Although the content is somewhat boring, it is clear that the Green team and the red team implementation is different.

AMD, for example, demonstrates its physical effects through gunfire, break-throughs, and rubber duck melting, and is especially recommended for game developers to create and solve more game challenges through FEMFX.

On Nvidia’s side, using “industry-standard” cars and manufacturing applications to showcase FEM solutions, the video is a bit entertainingly abstract.

In addition to FEM physical simulation, Nvidia PhysX 5.0 adds support for two additional new libraries. The first is a constrained particle model that creates new effects related to cloth, ropes, inflatable shapes, and displays deformations and reactions.

The second is fluid physics, which can help build fluid and particle flow using discrete element models and smooth particle fluid dynamics.

Given the popularity of multicore processors, and the upcoming Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles will feature AMD’s latest custom chips, the new technology is expected to be a big boost.

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