Shocking: New York Times report says it’s easy to trace President Trump’s position

According tomedia reports, a new report in the New York Times is frightening. When the reader clicks on the link provided in the article, you will see a large number of green dots that record the location of the nyse owners. The key conclusion of the media in the concluding section is that reading this article will change the way readers use their smartphones – and will cause them to crash completely.

Shocking: New York Times report says it's easy to trace President Trump's position

And a follow-up report in the New York Times on Friday pointed out that even President Trump’s whereabouts could be traced. The data it obtained included 50 billion locations on smartphones for more than 12 million people in the United States, the report said. And with this kind of location data tracking, President Trump’s campaign is fairly vulnerable to exposure.

In response, reporters appear to have pored over Secret Service agents’ cell phones and used the data to track the president’s actions, as shown below:

“The meticulous actions of the president’s entourage — as low as a few feet — were recorded by a smartphone that we believe belonged to a Secret Service agent whose location was clearly visible in the data,” the report said. “It seems to mean that no one can escape the fate of being watched.

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