Apple gets off-screen Touch ID patent: Mac, iPhone will be used

Apple didn’t give up its off-screen fingerprints, but the technology experience wasn’t good at the time, so they switched to face recognition. Apple filed a patent application for the Touch ID with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in March, according to a new report inmedia. From the patent description, Apple will be on the basis of this patent, the real physical pressure effect applied to new technologies, such as the need for real press to identify, such as the kind of physical feedback simulation of pressing.

In addition, the patent edgy Apple has already started using, and the Touch ID on the newly released MacBook Pro 16 has actually been identified using optical sensors.

It was previously reported that Apple is working on off-screen fingerprinting technology, which will be used in the future on its own products, with the Apple Watch ahead and the iPhone first.

In fact, Apple did introduce off-screen fingerprints on the iPhone, which would enrich its existing product line in addition to reducing costs and freeing the phone from the one-size-fits-all Liu Haier screen styling.

Apple gets off-screen Touch ID patent: Mac, iPhone will be used

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