Stadia buys studio trying to get the most out of it

Google’s cloud gaming platform, Stadia, has not been a great success since its launch, except for the technical problems of the initial stage, the performance of the game and the price of the game are not satisfactory, the other most important shortcoming is the shortage of exclusive games. So Stadia also wanted more exclusive works, so they handed out an olive branch to Typhoon Studios. But their current work, Journey to Savage Planet, will not turn into AStadia.

Stadia buys studio trying to get the most out of this step or for a gimmick

Google’s Stadia is currently poor in service, and among the many ways of playing, The Stadia’s experience is second-class. Even with exclusive games, you can’t change the poor game experience.

We know that there are two sources of exclusive games, one is the platform’s own investment development, the other is from a third-party developer to sign a contract to buy. For third-party developers, signing exclusive contracts is essentially equivalent to cashing out immediate short-term cash with potential future sales. Third-party developers who are truly confident about their sales potential usually log on to the full platform, and those that draw water are not usually chosen by the gaming platform as the exclusive object of collaboration.

However, platform exclusive is not a good thing for the player, because any platform exclusive requires a certain cost to the player. The cost of a host platform is obvious, players need to spend money on hardware, and digital platforms such as Epic Mall or Stadia also have hidden costs that take up space and computing power on the player’s devices, and also take up the player’s attention.

So Stadia’s acquisition of the studio for exclusive action has alarmed and resented many players:

“Stadia wants to acquire new developers, and their first step is to buy Typhoon Studios, which is currently developing “Wild Planet Tour”, but the game will still land on the console and Epic Mall. ”

“Google Stadia, can you have eggs? Your platform is a failure, the features and performance you’re talking about are deceptive, and now you want to be exclusive?” ”

Perhaps their monopoly strategy will finally bear fruit, and perhaps Stadia, driven by killer games, will finally be a major mainstream gaming platform. But it is also possible that Stadia will remain in the current slump for quite some time, and That Typhoon Studios will no longer be able to deliver meaningful work to a wider audience.

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