The problem is still: New security features also led to Chrome 79’s “Aw, Snap!” Collapse

On Windows 10 devices with Symantec and other security applications, Chrome 78 has an application crash, and the culprit is the new Render Code Code Integrity Protection feature. Google officially acknowledged that the problem did exist and disabled the feature for affected users. Google recently re-launched the security feature in the Chrome 79 release, but user feedback has again hit the same “Aw, Snap!” There is a browser crash problem.

This security feature was originally launched with The Chrome 78 Stable to ‘prevent unsigned modules from being loaded into Chrome’s renderer process’, but unfortunately encountered incompatibility on some systems. Craig, Chrome’s community manager, confirmed that they have added new security features to Chrome 79.

We’ll continue to release subsequent updates, and we plan to enable the underlying feature (renderer code integrity), which will result in incompatible chrome M79 releases today.

He asked affected users to ensure their AV was up-to-date and contacted the antivirus company for their “compatibility schedule.” So far, from supportposts outside of Symatec Endpoint Protection PC Matic, Print Audit and Paolo Alt Traps, We can assume that other antivirus products, such as Avast and McAfee, are also responsible for this.

Google recommends that other users disable Chrome’s Render Code Integrity feature if necessary.

1. Right-click on the Chrome shortcut on your desktop and select Properties.

2. Add the following command line at the end of the ‘Target’ field — disable-features srendererCodeIntegrity

3. Click on the app and restart Chrome.

Or replace the browser’s executable with the “Chrome.exe” from “Chrome.exe” as follows and see if it works.

C: sprogram Files (x86)

Or you can make changes through the registry, as follows:

1. Open the Run dialog box, type and run the unquoted “regedit” command

2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , SOFTWARE , Policies , Google , Chrome

3. In the right pane, right-click on the “New” and “DWORD (32-bit) value” to create a new key.

4. Double-click on it, then enter the value name as “RendererCodeIntegrityEnabled” and enter the value data as 0.

5. Restart Chrome.

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