(Pictured) Bing’s InPrivate Search is now integrated into Edge’s privacy window mode

The official version of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser will be released on January 15, 2020. While users can set the default search engine according to their preferences, Bing will be the default search engine in both regular and private browsing mode. Now Microsoft has integrated Bing’s InPrivate Search into The Edge’s InPrivate Window.

(Pictured) Bing's InPrivate Search is now integrated into Edge's privacy window mode

The feature is currently available to all Edge Dev and Canary channel users and is then available to a small number of users in advance through the Controlled Feature Roll-outs. If you open the InPrivate window in the latest Canary or Dev version of the latest Edge browser, you’ll see a Firefox-like search box in the center with “InPrivate Search with Microsoft Bing” text. The redesigned Privacy Browsing page explains what InPrivate Browsing can and can’t do.

(Pictured) Bing's InPrivate Search is now integrated into Edge's privacy window mode

Microsoft claims that “when browsing InPrivate, the websites you visit will never be used for product improvements and will not be associated with your Microsoft account.” When browsing in InPrivate, the new Edge prevents you from logging into Bing Search, and you won’t see your account profile picture or sign-in button. When you use the Microsoft InPrivate Search feature, the automatic sign-in Bing feature is also disabled in InPrivate Browsing.

As with any other browser, your browser history is cleared when you close the privacy window. All accounts or device-identifiable information is deleted before sending a search query to a Microsoft server to display search results to users.

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